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Summer Hikes to Stay Active

couple hiking in Colorado to maintain their heart health

If you are looking for ways to stay active this summer, hiking is one of your best options. In addition to offering great health benefits, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of the spectacular scenery Colorado has to offer.

Even if you’ve never been a hiker before, it’s never too late to start. Colorado offers so many trails for people at all skill levels, and it’s easy to find great hiking for beginners near south Denver.

Health Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is a great summer activity because it offers many health benefits. First, it’s a cardiovascular exercise. You can get your heart pumping, but it’s easy to set your own pace, which means that you can also avoid overexertion. This can help you reduce your risk of heart disease.

Second, hiking is a weight-bearing exercise, so it’s a great way to maintain and strengthen your bones. This helps reduce your risk of falling. Speaking of falling, the early trails we recommend are either paved or very smooth, so there’s little risk of falling. If you are concerned, you can help yourself stay upright with hiking poles, which are increasingly popular accessories on Colorado trails.

Finally, we shouldn’t underestimate the mental health benefits of hiking. Hiking puts you out in nature, which is very good for stress relief. It also gives you time to observe nature and engage your thinking. It’s easy to combine hiking with mentally stimulating interests like birdwatching, geology, history, and more.

Easy Hikes Near South Denver

Not sure where to start with your hikes? Here are some recommended trails to try.

Fountain Valley at Roxborough State Park

A short distance from south Denver, Roxborough State Park is very popular, and the Fountain Valley Trail combines great views with an easy 2.3-mile hike. There is little elevation gain, and while the trail isn’t paved, it’s so smooth that it’s friendly for wheelchairs.

Trading Post Trail at Red Rocks

This is a shorter trail near the world-famous outdoor concert venue. You get to enjoy views of the metro area during the daytime. This location lets you choose how long you want to hike. The base trail is about 1.4 miles, but it’s easy to add both length and challenge to make it a longer, more strenuous hike. You can also stick to paved areas and still get in a decent hike.

Lair o’ the Bear Park

couple hiking in the woods in ColoradoThis is a tremendously popular little open space near Morrison. It offers a pleasant, mile-long hike that’s flat and down near the creek, which helps it stay cooler even in the summer. You can also take the longer, more strenuous Bruin Bluff trail to explore the diverse environments of the park and get some good views down into the canyon.

Castlewood Canyon State park

Located near Franktown, this park might seem far away, but it’s only about half an hour from our main office. And you’ll be rewarded with numerous options for beginner hikes. Take the Canyon View Trail for an easy hike just over a mile, or you can choose from several moderate trails of varying lengths from less than a quarter-mile to over four miles. This is a great place to start seeking a little more challenge. You can add more strenuous hikes that are short so you can test your ability and know you’re not biting off more than you can chew.

Let Us Help You Stay Healthy

At South Denver Cardiology Associates, we know the best strategy for treating heart disease is avoiding heart disease. That’s why we help our community to take proactive steps to stay healthy. From our regular Walks with a Doc to our medical fitness gym, we offer many ways for you to get and stay healthy.

Plus, we can help you monitor your heart health and head off any problems with our diagnostic testing.

To learn more about how South Denver Cardiology Associates can help you enjoy a healthy heart, please contact us today for more information.

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