Outdoor Walking Labyrinth

A perfect example of the South Denver Heart Center’s commitment to integrating Eastern and Western approaches to overall health is the walking labyrinth located outside of the building.

The South Denver Heart Center Labyrinth, located on the west side of the building,  is a “Seven Path Classical Labyrinth” and is found in many of the Earth’s indigenous cultures.  It is an ancient geometric form used as a spiritual tool.  The origins are unknown, but they have been found in Egyptian tombs, Cretan coins, Celtic stones, Christian churches, and the Pima and Hopi Indian traditions.  It differs from a maze in that it has only one path into the center and the same path back out again.  There are no choices to take after the decision to enter. The world’s most famous labyrinth is the 11-circuit labyrinth on the cathedral floor in Chartres, France, a pilgrimage destination during the Renaissance, although it is not known whether it was walked in those days.

Walking the Labyrinth is a rediscovery of a long-forgotten mystical tradition.  As the path winds back and forth towards the center, it may become a mirror for where you are in your life.  You may experience healing and balancing effects as your mind begins to clear and you become simply aware of your breath.  Sometimes deep personal insights or new ways of perceiving life’s challenges will arise.


There is no right way or wrong way to walk the Labyrinth.

Before entering, you may want to:


Making the journey

We invite you to visit the walking labyrinth during your next visit to the South Denver Heart Center.