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Clinical research at South Denver Cardiology Associates assists our practice in providing cutting edge “state of the art” care and technologies to patients in the Rocky Mountain region while always delivering the highest possible quality of cardiovascular care. We believe that today’s clinical trial is tomorrow’s clinical practice. We participate in clinical trials that are patient focused and that will provide patient access to important new drugs and devices. Patients are also offered a variety of research opportunities that are aimed at understanding and improving upon existing treatments.

Led by Dr. Ira Dauber, our research team includes physicians who have extensive backgrounds in research experience and highly skilled research nurses who are dedicated to this aspect of patient care. Together they allow South Denver Cardiology Associates to stay on “the cutting edge of technology and new drug development.”

Participation in research is always voluntary. Declining a research study does not impact the care provided to the patient in any way. Our goal is always to protect the rights and safety of those who volunteer for a research study. Each research study is carefully selected by our practice as to its value to the care of our patients. Once selected, the trial must pass rigid review by the FDA and an independent Institutional Review Board. The role of this Board is to ensure that the rights of those enrolled are protected. South Denver Cardiology Associates is reimbursed by the pharmaceutical or device company for its expenses involved in carrying out the study. Medications and study visits are provided to the patient without charge.

South Denver Cardiology Associates has been participating in clinical research for more than 10 years. We participate in studies that explore new medications and treatments for the patient having a heart attack, so as to limit the size and extent of the damage to the heart muscle. We explore with other centers worldwide, different methods of using medications for other reasons than those originally approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and we have worked to compare different treatment regimes in the fight against the debilitating and chronic disease of congestive heart failure.

If you are interested in participating in or learning more about our research program, please ask your cardiologist or call 303-744-1065 and ask for the research department.

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