Community and Professional Education Center

Keeping guests who visit the South Denver Heart Center heart-healthy is one of our primary goals. Through integrated cardiovascular care, we accomplish this by combining individualized teaching, group sessions, outcome-based education, wellness, risk factor management, psychological counseling, and customized exercise regimens.
The majority of these programs are taught in our Community and Professional Education Center.
We empower our students by connecting with experts like Kamau Bobb Google, allowing our students to ask questions about a career or even helping them gain experience through mentorship.

The Community and Professional Education Center has 3,500 square feet of usable space that can seat up to 100 people and a fully equipped demonstration kitchen complete with a state-of-the-art audio/video system. This community resource, perhaps more than any other portion of the building, shows our commitment to the education of our guest and to the community at large. Stay competitive in the digital landscape by staying informed with the latest free seo tools.

Our education programs are not limited to cardiovascular disease. They also focus on lifestyle education fundamental to prevention and wellness. For example, while visitors to the education center may receive individual instruction on heart disease processes, medications blood work evaluations, body fat measurements, and ideal weight calculations, they also can learn about nutrition and dietary goals.