Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

The South Denver Cardiology Associates (SDCA) Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic is conveniently located at South Denver Heart Center. The Rehabilitation Clinic is synonymous with total cardiac wellness and is proud to be recognized by the national accrediting body in cardiac rehab, the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR).

Founded in 1977, by the region’s leading cardiologists, the Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic has long been recognized for its commitment to heart health, to physical and emotional recovery, and to providing a brighter future to people whose lives have been changed by heart disease.

At the center of the clinic’s success is its innovative multi-disciplinary approach to rehabilitation that includes incorporating cardiovascular fitness, risk factor management skills, and outcomes-based education. With a patient’s personal health assessment, the cardiologists and specially trained professionals of the South Denver Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic have developed a unique program that is both comprehensive and individualized with the primary focus of helping patients achieve total wellness.

The Rehab Experience

South Denver Cardiology Associates a Centura Health Clinic is the first Cardiac Rehab site to offer the Pritikin ICR™ program in Colorado. Having a heart event can be a challenging and emotional experience. As you begin your recovery, South Denver Cardiology and Pritikin are ready to help you. Learn more about Pritikin ICR ™ here.

At SDCA, we believe a comprehensive cardiac rehab program is crucial to the recovery of guests who have recently undergone changes in the status of their cardiovascular system. This includes changes caused by chest pain, heart attack, coronary intervention or heart surgery.

As a guest, you’ll have peace of mind knowing a board-certified cardiologist, specialized registered nurses trained in cardiac care, and exercise physiologists are always on the premises for the duration of the rehab session.

Education also plays an important role in the cardiac rehab experience. Individual and group classes teach guests to reduce stress, plan and prepare nutritious meals, and change unhealthy habits. In short, the emphasis is focused on the necessities of living a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Exercising to a Healthy Heart
In order to achieve total wellness, a regular exercise regimen designed to achieve a stronger, healthier heart is essential. When the body is physically fit it operates more efficiently. As a result of being physically fit, the heart is able to push more blood with each beat, the skeletal muscles are able to better utilize the oxygen carried by that blood and the cardiovascular system is able to function without stress.

Exercise Program

To help cardiac rehab participants return their bodies, their hearts, and their lives to maximum fitness, the SDCA cardiac rehabilitation clinic has designed a comprehensive exercise program.

  • Patients follow individualized exercise regimens. The type, intensity, frequency and duration of on-site and at-home activities are determined by an initial treadmill test. Follow-up tests are performed to determine appropriate exercise modifications.
  • All exercise sessions are monitored via continuous EKG telemetry units.
  • Exercise physiologists, a board-certified cardiologist, and specialized registered nurses trained in cardiac care are always on the premises for the duration of each rehab session.
  • In the initial phase of the program, patients typically attend one-hour classes three times a week.
  • The duration of the program is typically 8-12 weeks at which time you have the option of transitioning to the medical fitness facility.

To reach the SDCA Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic, call 303-715-2260.