Cardiac Services

What makes our organization truly unique is the vision behind its creation: the desire to create a place that allows us to provide integrated cardiac services and cardiovascular care to the Rocky Mountain region.

The team of physicians and staff that make up South Denver Cardiology Associates focus not just on specific cardiac issues, You will find that the South Denver Heart Center (SDHC) considers creating good excise habits and education on proper nutrition and diet to be as important as treating cholesterol abnormalities. A long-term focus on critical role of prevention and management of cardiovascular diseases is a cornerstone of the philosophy our physicians all share.

The leading cardiologists in Denver call the SDHC home. Specializing in everything from preventative cardiology to interventional coronary therapies and electrophysiology, these accomplished medical professionals make up the core of the SDHC.

Together with our staff of trained professionals, they help to make this heart center a healing place unlike any other in the United States. Our comprehensive team is what ensures this will be one of the country’s leading heart centers for many years to come.

On July 1, 2011 South Denver Heart Center and Littleton Adventist Hospital began jointly providing cardiac testing services to the South Metro area, with South Denver Heart Center becoming a department of Littleton Adventist Hospital.

Individually our two organizations have a rich history of providing expert cardiac care to the Rocky Mountain region. This change affords our patients the opportunity to choose between locations for many of our cardiac diagnostic services.