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Mission / Vision / Core Values / Purpose

SDCA Mission

To be the provider of choice for delivering the highest quality cardiac care to adults in the region.


We will be the cardiology provider of choice by:

Our Core Values

We Foster Community¬†‚Äč
We gladly share our time. We actively give back. We accept leadership and responsibility¬†for advancing our community. We take care of our neighbors. We educate others. We¬†look for ways and lead in the development of a stronger community.‚Äč

‚ÄčWe Collaborate Effectively
We proactively communicate. We are always open to new ideas and different¬†perspectives. We embrace diversity. We actively explore options. We work together as a¬†team. We respect other‚Äôs viewpoints. We believe that everyone has unique value to¬†provide.‚Äč

‚ÄčWe Engage Personally¬†‚Äč
We treat everyone with care and respect. We live integrity. We genuinely enjoy getting to know people. We tailor our experiences to everyone, we listen to learn and fully understand, we empathize, and we actively seek opportunities to delight and lift others up.

We Deliver Excellence ‚Äč
We constantly learn and improve. We become experts and always deliver the highest¬†quality. We commit fully. We consciously and effectively utilize resources. We innovate.¬†We raise the bar and create our own higher standard.¬†¬†‚Äč

Our Purpose

To Enhance Individual Lives by Diligently Serving Others with Our Unique Talents