Clinical Cardiology

When you are a guest of the physicians of South Denver Cardiology Associates, you will receive office-based care and critical care at any of metro hospitals we service if that level of attention is needed.

Our range of cardiology services currently include:

We believe successful outcomes for our guests are rooted in accurate, timely diagnosis and proactive data management.

We will work with you to collect the data required in making critical determinations for your personal situation through non-invasive testing in both office and hospital settings throughout South Denver. Depending on your case, we can use electrocardiograms, digitized echocardiograms, ambulatory monitoring, pacemaker, defibrillator follow up and all types of stress testing to get the information we need to design the best cardiac care program for you.

When invasive procedures are needed, you will continue to be in the care of your physician here at the South Denver Heart Center. We can perform needed procedures (including cardiac catheterization and electrophysiological studies) at our community hospitals.