Clinical Cardiology

clinical cardiologyYour heart is too precious to accept anything but the highest quality care you can access. South Denver Cardiology Associates strives to deliver state-of-the-art care, from simple preventive care to life-saving interventions that affect the structure and function of your heart.

Our trained, experienced, and caring cardiologists provide care at our own office facilities, as well as at some of the leading hospitals along the Front Range. We believe that long-term relationships provide for the best possible care, so we invite you to visit us when you first have concerns about your heart. Please call 303-744-1065 or contact us online to request an appointment at our main office in Littleton or one of our satellite locations.

Clinical Cardiology Services We Offer

South Denver Cardiology Associates offers a full range of clinical cardiology services, including:

Brief descriptions of these services are discussed below, but you can also call 303-744-1065 to ask about these or other services you need.

Transitional Heart Failure Clinic (THFC)

The Transitional Heart Failure Clinic (THFC) supports patients going through the stages of heart failure. The goal is to provide excellent quality of life for patients with heart failure. Yes, it is possible not just to live, but to love life with heart failure, and the THFC can help you discover how.

Preventive Care

Preventive care for your heart is the best investment you can make in living a long, healthy life. South Denver Cardiology Associates can help design a custom preventive care plan that assesses the health of your heart and targets lifestyle and clinical interventions to give you the best chance of experiencing a healthy heart for life.

Diagnostic Services

clinical cardiology diagnostic servicesDiagnostic services let us determine the current health of your heart. They are critical for designing a preventive care plan or deciding when it’s time for cardiac interventions. Electrocardiograms, calcium heart scores, CT coronary imaging, and more let us get a precise view into the health of your heart.


Electric currents regulate the function of your heart. Electrophysiology services let us analyze these currents, and, if necessary, improve their function. Our electrophysiology team is a regional and nationwide leader in the use of many technologies and techniques.

Coronary Intervention

Also known as interventional cardiology, coronary intervention is the use of catheter-based treatment of heart disease. As a less-invasive alternative to open-heart surgery, our interventional cardiologists perform a wide range of services, from angioplasty and stent placement to valve replacement.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic

The Cardiac Rehabilitation Clinic was founded in 1977 to help patients recover from heart problems. Utilizing an innovative multi-disciplinary approach, the Clinic develops a customized program of lifestyle changes, risk management, and specialized education based on a patient’s personal health assessment. This helps patients recover a healthy approach to life.

Pulmonary Hypertension Center

At the Pulmonary Hypertension Center, our multidisciplinary team helps you develop an individualized program of nutrition, exercise, medical treatment, and stress management. Our support group helps ensure that you always have access to not only the physical, but the psychological and emotional care necessary for successful management of pulmonary hypertension.

Device Clinic

pacemaker - clinical cardiology deviceOur Device Clinic helps ensure you get the best results with your cardiac devices, such as pacemakers, implanted cardiac defibrillators, and more. We can address concerns you may have about the health and function of your devices, and help you live your best life with their assistance.

Arrhythmia Clinic

The Arrhythmia Clinic has a dedicated team of electrophysiologists, nurse practitioners, nurses, medical assistants, licensed practical nurses, and schedulers who deliver the highest quality care for heart rhythm problems.  Your initial visit will be with a nurse practitioner who will do a comprehensive consultation and will order any further necessary testing, as well as facilitate referrals needed to manage other health conditions that could be contributing to your heart problem.   

Preventive Cardiology Clinic

The Preventive Cardiology Clinic designed to provide world-class diagnostic evaluation, risk stratification, and management for patients presenting for prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD) events (heart attack, stroke). Our care is aimed at maximizing quality of life, alleviating symptoms, preventing hospitalizations, reducing the risk for major CVD events, and improving overall survival.

Anticoagulation Clinic

Anticoagulants, also known as blood-thinning medications, can be lifesaving, but they can also be difficult to manage. Our Anticoagulation Clinic helps you take necessary steps to get the best results with your blood thinning medications. It helps you achieve your treatment goals while minimizing the risk of complications.

Structural Heart Clinic

The Structural Heart Clinic focuses on heart and valve procedures. Our multi-disciplinary approach helps us match patients with the least invasive treatment that is likely to achieve all your treatment goals. Valve replacement, valve repair, closure of holes in your heart, and more are all managed by the Structural Heart Clinic.

Choose South Denver Cardiology Associates for Your Clinical Cardiology

At South Denver Cardiology Associates, we believe that early diagnosis, multidisciplinary care, and continuity of care all lead to the best patient outcomes in terms of heart health and quality of life.

We take a proactive approach to diagnosis, utilizing diagnostic services to assess the health of your heart so that we can be aware of your heart health and design an optimal treatment program. We use a multidisciplinary approach to your care, combining lifestyle modifications, preventive care, and interventional cardiology as necessary to help you maintain or restore a healthy heart. Because we offer a wide range of services, we can provide continuity of care for our patients. This means that no matter what type of cardiac care you need, you will be working with the same team, whose efficient and effective communication strategies ensure that your entire team is on the same page at every stage of your care.

To start getting care from South Denver Cardiology Associates, please call 303-744-1065 or use our online form to request an appointment at our Main Office in Littleton or any of our satellite locations throughout the Denver Metro area.