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Summer Activities for Grandkids in Denver

Summer Activities for the Grandkids

Fun and Healthy Summer Activity Ideas for the Grandkids

With the summer quickly approaching, it means that school will soon be out. For some of us, it also means that we will be hosting out-of-town family including some grandkids. While it is always fun to have the kids visiting, we also know that it can be exhausting without a good plan to help entertain them when they arrive. Even if they come armed with iPads and video games, even they will get bored. So, your Denver heart doctor  group at South Denver Cardiology has assembled a list of places you can take the grandkids in Denver, and the surrounding area, to help keep them entertained. Plus, the great thing about many of these places, they require a little walking around outside, so you can keep up on your cardiovascular health!
Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park
Let’s face it, most kids love amusement parks. So, it could be fun to take the kids to our own downtown amusement park that offers everything from roller coasters to water slides. Plus, since it is next to downtown, you can easily take into heart of Denver to make them feel like they experienced part of our unique city culture.
Get In Touch With Your Wild Side
Most kids enjoy animals and wildlife. So, there are several summer attractions here in Denver that are perfect for the kids. As such, the Denver Zoo is a great option, as it is the 4th most popular zoo in the nation with over 4,000 animals. And the new Elephant Passage is one the largest elephant habitats in the world.
Speaking of zoos, and only about an hour down I-25 from the Southern part of Denver, is Colorado Springs’ Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is a fantastic zoo and there is really nothing like it in the nation. Using the natural mountain side to exhibit the animals in real and natural habits is stunning. Especially their grizzly bear encounter, mountain lion and wolf habitats. Plus, going to Colorado Springs offers the kids a change of scene.
To get into a little cooler environment in the summer, we also recommend the Denver Aquarium. With over 15,000 fish, mammals and plants, including an exhibit that features Sumatran tigers that love swimming, the aquarium is very enjoyable. Plus, the restaurant allows you to dine next to schools to tropical fish and sharks.
There are many different places around Denver that you can take the grandkids hiking. One such place is Red Rocks. There are plenty of family friendly trails around there. And, if they are up to it and depending on the time, you can get into the world famous amphitheater.
Near Red Rocks is Dinosaur Ridge, which is always popular with school-aged children. There you can hike as well as touch the bones of an Allosaurus and Stegosaurus right where they were discovered in the 1800s. Also, you can see many dinosaur footprints, perfectly preserved in the sandstone.
Kids like castles. So a fun and easy hike is the Mount Falcon Castle & Tower Hike. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to do the hike. The trail head is west of Morrison up Highway 285 and then north up Parmalee Gulch Road. It will take about 40 minutes to drive up there, but you will get the kids out of the city. Plus, the hike itself offers some great views of Red Rocks. And the kids get to see some old castle ruins. Yes, a castle in Colorado!
How to Use This Information
It can be exciting when the grandkids come to visit. But, it can also be a little stressful if you don’t have some planned activities. Hopefully these give you some ideas to help keep them entertained and create some fun memories for their visit. Plus, these will help keep you active and going during their visit, which is always good for your heart health. And, if you need to get into a little better shape before they arrive, be sure to check out our selection of classes or call us at 303-744-1065.

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