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South Denver Cardiology Explains the Importance of Proper Clothes For Exercise

At South Denver Cardiology, we try to emphasize the advantage for your heart health by exercising three to four times a week. Unfortunately, many people will exercise with inappropriate clothes, which can inhibit if not negate the positive effects of your workout in some cases. What you wear is very important, especially if your exercise routine requires you to be outside.
If you wear too much clothing you may sweat too much, and you will likely lose more stamina than you would otherwise. The reason for this is that your body will use more energy trying to cool down your body than for the actual session. Studies have shown that the length of time you exercise rather than the intensity has a profound effect on burning calories. Conversely, if you are running in colder conditions and you aren’t wearing enough clothes, you can also hurt your stamina because your body will be working extra hard to keep you warm. As a result, your breathing can become more rapid and difficult.
But wearing the right amount of clothes isn’t the only aspect of a good workout that you should consider. Running in jeans, for instance, can prove to be troublesome and cause chaffing. Many other forms of inappropriate outfits can cause significant chaffing from the repeated movements and sweaty conditions, which while not life-threatening in anyway, can certainly be a hindrance. In order to maximize you stamina when exercising, you want to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. This is especially true for any activity that requires running; you want to make sure you have the right shoes. If you are wearing inappropriate shoes for your regiment, then you run the risk of long-term skeletal and muscular problems in your back, legs, and feet. Wearing comfortable shoes designed for athletic activity is very important. Tennis shoes, especially with shock absorbers to lessen the repeated blow of running, are a good start. If you have flat-feet and are subject to over-pronation, make sure you speak to your doctor about proper footwear.
Besides your shoes, there are a number of clothes designed specifically for exercise. For men, a comfortable t-shirt or something that isn’t very restrictive and loose shorts like basketball shorts will suffice. You can even purchase track suits and Under Armour if your activity will take you to the outdoors during the colder months to help regulate your body temperature. For women, comfortable gym shorts or tights, a t-shirt and a sports bra are ideal.
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 It’s important to dress appropriately when exercising to maximize the amount of energy used on your activity. You don’t want to get tired too quickly, and you don’t want to deal with painful ailments from that sort of neglect. For more information on the positive effects of exercise on heart health, appropriate exercising clothing, or what work outs are right for you, consult one of our cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology today by scheduling an appointment with us at 303-744-1065 or visit our website.

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