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Healthy Heart with Yoga and Tai Chi

Healthy Heart with Yoga and Tai Chi - South Denver Cardiology

We all know that staying fit is an important part of being healthy. Getting your heart rate up regularly is really important to maintain your cardiovascular strength. However, other types of exercise can be very helpful, as well. That’s why exercise is a critical aspect of our individual weight management program. Yoga and tai chi have numerous health benefits that can help you feel better—in mind and body.

Yoga: From Hindu Spiritual Art to International Fitness Craze

Yoga began as a Hindu spiritual art that involves various stretches and poses and also uses breathing regulation and meditation. Yoga has been widely adopted and adapted by the international fitness community. Yoga is now widely practiced in the U.S. and around the world in both group classes and individual settings, in a variety of formats that vary in pace and purpose.

Tai Chi: Stress Reducing Martial Art

Tai chi, an ancient Chinese tradition, is a type of martial art. Some call tai chi “meditation in motion” even though it was originally developed for self-defense. Tai chi has become very popular, and is often taught in groups and practiced outdoors.

Health Benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi

Both yoga and tai chi stress the art of controlled movement and breathing. The health benefits include increased flexibility, balance and stress reduction. Yoga and tai chi may also reduce chronic pain, alleviate arthritis pain, lower blood pressure and help with depression.
Furthermore, in recent studies, the practice of tai chi has been linked to health benefits not limited to building bone density and improving the immune system. These types of health benefits were previously only thought to be gained from more strenuous aerobic workouts, but yoga and tai chi can actually produce these same results, in addition to many emotional and mental health benefits.
Patients who suffered heart failure and who practice tai chi were also shown to have better function in everyday tasks, and an improved feeling of health and vitality. In addition, both yoga and tai chi can improve the quality of life of cancer patients and those with heart disease, and significantly reduce blood pressure and pain.
So come and see how these exercises can help give your heart, mind  and whole body a boost! Try yoga and tai chi with South Denver Cardiology! View the class schedule online and come and experience the health benefits and mood boosts of these exercise arts.

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