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Getting a Workout in the Pool

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Heart Healthy Pool Workout

It’s that time of year where running every afternoon results in entirely too much sweat, but taking to the treadmill in the gym seems like such a shame with the beautiful Colorado summer weather. So when it’s time to get your cardio on in the dog days of the season, where do you turn? If you’ve never tried a pool workout, now’s the time. Taking to the cool water is appropriately taxing on your cardiovascular system without being hard on your joints, making it the perfect multitasking workout to keep you cool and in shape even on the hottest day.

Toning Water Moves

The beauty of an in-pool workout is that it’s not only good for your heart, it’s also great for your muscles. The resistance of the water and the added need for stability when you’re floating mean your whole body is working harder than you may realize. The muscular benefits only increase the power of the cardio benefits, too. Paired with the lack of impact on your joints, pool-based exercises are some of the most effective you can do.

Cardio Benefits

A great cardio workout must accomplish four key things: it must get your blood pumping, raise your heart rate, boost your lung capacity, and burn calories. Swimming does all four of these in spectacular fashion. The movements involved with swimming, according to LIVESTRONG’s website, require your heart to pump harder in order to get the proper amount of oxygen to your blood and tissues. That means your heart is getting stronger every time you swim.

Making the Most of Your Pool Workout

Maximizing your workout in the pool is a matter of mixing it up. Not only does this allow you to get maximum benefits, it also keeps you from getting bored, which is the number one reason people abandon a workout regimen in the first place. Instead of just swimming laps, mix it up with some strength exercises in the shallow end, or use a pool noodle to keep you afloat while you work on some strength in the deep end. Perform a circuit of sorts with various moves interchanged with laps and take note of how your body responds.

How to Use This Information

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