Diagnostic Services

Our cardiologists are dedicated to the detection and prevention of coronary artery disease. To continue this mission, South Denver Heart Center (SDHC) and Littleton Adventist Hospital began jointly providing cardiac testing services to the South Metro area on July 1, 2011, with SDHC becoming a department of Littleton Adventist Hospital. Individually our two organizations have a rich history of providing expert cardiac care to the South Metro community for more than 60 years combined. This partnership gives you the opportunity to choose between locations for many of our cardiac diagnostic services.

It’s never too late to begin managing your coronary and overall health. Coronary artery disease can begin early in life and go undetected for years but it can be treated and even reversed when caught in time. Even better, it often can be minimized or avoided altogether when the patient undergoes significant lifestyle changes.

At SDHC, we believe successful outcomes are rooted in accurate, timely diagnosis in a comfortable and healing setting. Our Diagnostic Center is designed to help us do just that, with modern clinical space, a cardiac catheterization lab and CT coronary imaging center, and relaxing outpatient rooms.

Our Diagnostic Imaging department provides quick and convenient diagnostic testing for both inpatients and outpatients. To collect the data needed to make the right choice for your health, we employ a wide range of non-invasive and invasive procedures.

Call use today at 303-744-1065 or schedule an appointment by email  to learn more about how the SDHC is the right place for you.