Device Clinic


St. Jude Medical recently announced a global medical device advisory for certain implantable cardiac defibrillators (ICD) and cardiac resynchronization therapy defibrillator (CRT-D) devices. This advisory was implemented after an analysis found that some devices manufactured prior to May 23, 2015 contain batteries which may run out of energy earlier than expected. This is termed: “premature battery depletion”.

The likelihood that this will impact your health is less than 1%, as the vast majority of devices have not experienced premature battery depletion.  Please note that no pacemakers are included on this advisory.

South Denver Cardiology will be mailing letters to all patients with devices on the advisory list with detailed monitoring recommendations.

Our staff is dedicated to your safety and helping our patient community understand any concerns with your implanted cardiac defibrillator.  For any further questions or concerns our device clinic phone number is (303) 703-2139.

The South Denver Cardiology Device Clinic was formed to provide assessment of implanted cardiac devices to include pacemakers, implanted cardiac defibrillators and implanted loop recorders.  The Device Clinic staff consist of highly skilled  RN’s and  Medical Assistants  with specialized training  to assess for routine battery  depletion, to identify component failure and lead malfunction,  to analyze arrhythmia diagnostics and to optimize programming of these devices.

The focus of the staff of the Device Clinic at the South Denver Heart Center is educating guests who have existing cardiac devices and providing follow up care of cardiac implanted devices.

Pacemakers, implantable cardioverter-defibrillators (ICDs) and heart failure devices (also known as cardiac resynchronization therapy or CRT) all need consistent review and attention. Patients who have a new device implanted will come in for a visit within two weeks after the initial procedure.


ICD and CRT devices need to be reviewed every three months. You don’t always need to visit the clinic to complete the checkup. Most current devices can transmit the necessary data to the clinic over the phone like a computer modem.

Pacemakers need to be checked every six months. Most pacemakers can also be checked remotely over the phone to say you from having to come into the clinic.




Using state of the art technology, the Device Clinic staff monitors cardiac devices both in office and remotely with the use of wireless telemetry.  All information is transferred into a large database which generates a report for the Cardiologists and Electrophysiologists to analyze.





South Denver Cardiology Associates hold a free quarterly support group for all our ICD patients and family members. New and existing patients are invited to attend the support group to learn more about the different topics that are discussed.

This group meets at the South Denver Heart Center conference room. We will call or email anyone who requests information about this group through the Device Clinic or the greeter’s desk. The topics typically include patients sharing their experiences as well as physicians providing education on life with an ICD.

Feel free to contact the Device Clinic at 303-703-2139 with any questions or request an appointment online.