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Device Clinic



The focus of the Device Clinic staff at the South Denver Cardiology Associates is educating patients who have existing cardiac devices and providing follow-up care for their implanted cardiac devices. If you are an SDCA patient and need assistance with your device or home monitor, Please call 303-703-2139


What We Do And How We Do It:

Pacemakers, Defibrillators (also known as ICD ā€“ implanted cardiac defibrillators), and Heart Failure devices (also known as Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy ā€“ CRT) all need consistent review and attention. Ā Patients who have a new device implanted will come in for a visit within two weeks of the implant procedure. At this time, you will be educated on your newly implanted cardiac device as well as the Home Monitor/Transmitter you received at your implant.

Pacemakers, ICDs, and CRT devices need to be reviewed (interrogated) every three months.Ā  You donā€™t always need to visit the clinic in person to complete the checkup.Ā  Most current devices can transmit the necessary data to the clinic via a Home Monitor/Transmitter.Ā  Using state-of-the-art technology, the Device Clinic staff monitors implanted cardiac devices with the usage of wireless telemetry with either radiofrequency or Bluetooth technology. Ā All information is transferred into a large database which generates a report for the Cardiologist and Electrophysiologist to analyze.


The Device Clinic Team

The South Denver Cardiology Device Clinic provides an assessment of implanted cardiac rhythm devices, which includes pacemakers, defibrillators, and implanted cardiac monitors (otherwise known as loop recorders). The Device Clinic staff consists of highly skilled RNs, Certified Cardiac Device Specialists (CCDS), Device Technicians, and Medical Assistants with specialized training to assess for device battery function and lead integrity, analyze arrhythmia diagnostics, and to optimize the programming of these devices.



Patient Resources:

If you have a Medtronic Device or a CareLinkā„¢ Monitor and need technical support, click here.
Or call 1-800-929-4043 option #3




If you have a Boston Scientific device or a Latitudeā„¢ Monitor and need technical support, click here.Ā 
Or call 1-866-484-3268




If you have an Abbott (formerly St. Jude Medical) device or Merlin@homeā„¢ monitor and need technical support, click here.
Or call 1-877-696-3754




If you have a Biotronik device or home monitor and need technical support, click here.Ā 
Or call 1800-889-9066