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Cardiologists Explain Why Good Communication With Your Partner is Important

Stress is the antithesis to good heart health. The ways stress impacts your cardiovascular system are not fully understood by cardiologists, but what is understood is that it is usually negative. Nothing can be a bigger contributor to stress in our lives than fighting with our significant others. After all, they’re the one person we’ve instilled considerable energy into in order to keep them in our lives, so feeling like it is falling apart can be borderline traumatic. Fortunately, like with heart health, there are ways to prevent fall outs with your partner. It turns out all you needed is good communication.
Consider the fact that the foundation for all good relationships, whether romantic, platonic, or even professional, is trust. Trust is a cornerstone for love because it allows us to be vulnerable and relaxed around people that we know won’t take advantage of our state. When we can be in that kind of state with somebody, especially somebody we are attracted to, our brains release a whole slew of chemicals that give us that lovey-dovey feeling in the pits of our stomachs. Without trust, two people can seem as ill-compatible as night and day.
But building trust is no easy task. After all, if it was so easy to acquire, everybody would gain it. Trust is reserved for the people that deserve it most in our lives. And that trust is earned through consideration and communication. If you aren’t considerate of your partner’s feelings, regardless of what they are, it can make them feel less appreciated, and therefore make them less inclined to give you their trust. With that said, it can be difficult to be consistently considerate without being a mind-reader, so the next best thing is to practice good communication with your partner. Taking Colorado polygraph testing together can strengthen your trust and partnership. Knowing what drives that person, what they like, and what they don’t like, can help you determine how much and what kind of work you have to do to make that person happy. Not to mention, communication itself is a form of consideration because it demonstrates that you are invested in caring for that person. Every human wants to trust someone to care for them; and making your partner feel cared for can help you win their trust.
Without a sense of trust, relationships can start to feel a lot like a job. Suddenly, every little transgression results in indignation, and you may start to feel like your partner is always trying to start a fight or get away from you. But the reality is; they’re only acting this way because they aren’t sure if they can trust you in the way they want to trust someone. Sometimes, all it takes is consistent good communication to solve your problems, and get you past that stressful hump before it starts putting pressure on your heart. Just remember, that when trying to sit down and hear your partner out, be prepared for anything they might say, even if it may seem a little pointed and hurtful. Being understanding may seem like you’re being walked on at first, but it always pays huge dividends eventually, especially when it comes to your heart health. Remember, it’s generally better to say something, than to not.
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 Sour relations between your spouse and you can seem like the most difficult task in the world to surmount, and that kind of stress is no good for your heart. Take measures to reduce that stress by practicing good communication with your partner before things start getting bad. If things have already started to crumble around you, try to be considerate and push for communication anyway. Remember to be understanding no matter what, and it’ll help you both determine a solution for your problems that you can both pursue. To see how stress has impacted your health, schedule an appointment with one of our cardiologists online, or call 303-744-1065.

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