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Cardiologist Spotlight: Barry Smith, M.D. – The Flying Cardiologist

Cardiologist Spotlight, Barry Smith, M.D.
Here at South Denver Cardiology most of you have heard of our Cooking Cardiologist, but did you know we have a Flying Cardiologist? Dr. Barry Smith entered into private cardiology practice in 1979 and he joined South Denver Cardiology Associates in 2013. Having a passion for flying, he had always wanted to fly commercial airplanes, but medicine was his first love and he went to medical school instead. It was not until after he started his private practice that he obtained his flying license in 1980. Early in Dr. Smith’s practice, he realized that rural areas around Colorado had a need for quality cardiology care and with is new ability of flying he decided to combine his love with his passion and provide a service that no other was doing.
In 1981, he started flying to Trinidad, soon followed by La Junta and Craig. Today, he visits his Colorado outreach clinics in La Junta, Eads, Julesburg, and Cheyenne Wells once or twice a month, and visits Goodland, KS twice a month. If you ask him why he dedicates so much time to these clinics, he will tell you how grateful rural people are for these services and how very important it is to them. He says that he makes it easy for hard working, blue-collar people to see a doctor because they cannot take an entire day off to drive to Denver to see one. He also says that rural people usually do not like big cities, so it’s his way of bring big city medicine to them. His service enables rural people to better care for themselves because of the convenience he provides, and he states that his need to help others compels him to do this. Dr. Smith concludes by saying that God has blessed him with some talents and it’s just a way to give back what God has given him, and that’s what life’s all about!


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