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See The World! Bucket List Destinations & Trips

See The World! Bucket List Destinations & Trips

With each New Year comes resolutions. While many have resolutions of better health, which we fully endorse as your heart-healthy experts, others may have different ones. Many of you may have “bucket list” items that include travel. To help, we have put together some must-see international trips and destinations. Perhaps a couple of these will be part of your plans for the New Year.

Rhine River Cruise

With green forests and sloping hillsides dotted with medieval castles, it is hard to beat the scenery of the Rhine River through parts of Germany, France and more. There are several travel companies that operate cruise ships for the Rhine River and offer a wide variety of excursions, routes and destinations. One of our favorite operators is Viking River Cruises with ships that offer on-board dining, luxury cabins and entertainment. It is hard to beat floating down the river on the deck of a ship or watching it pass by while enjoy first-class dining and rooms.

South Africa

South Africa offers almost anything one could hope or imagine. From world-class wine country in Stellenbosch near Cape Town, to staying in a rain forest tree house in Knysna, South Africa is an eclectic African nation that has developed a strong tourism industry that caters to Western tastes. Be sure to spend time in Cape Town which offers urban dining, shopping and nightlife, as well as spectacular scenery of Table Mountain and surrounding ocean communities that feel almost Mediterranean. Then, take in the wildlife at Kruger National Park which offers guided safari trips along with several lodging options and in-park dining.

St. Petersburg, Russia

The Venice of the north with its charming waterways, St. Petersburg provides a lasting impression on those who visit. From grand cathedrals such as The Church on Spilled Blood to museums like the Hermitage, St. Petersburg is filled with people who are proud of their heritage and revel in the art that the city has on display. Almost anywhere you go, there are statues and architecture on display that carry fascinating stories of the Czar capital from civilizations past. As a result, there is a very regal feel to the city due to the many palaces in and around the area. The buildings are brightly painted to account for their cold and dark winters, so it is recommended to visit during the summer months when light can last almost 20 hours a day.

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