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7 Health Benefits of Meditation

7 Health Benefits of Meditation - South Denver Cardiology

Tension has been proven time and time again to negatively affect your whole body, particularly your heart. All types of stress can do damage. Depression and social isolation are linked to high blood pressure, as is intense professional stress and family stress. Stress and anxiety are also associated with what causes heart disease. This is why it is so important to find healthy coping mechanisms to deal with stress and safeguard your health.
While some people may roll their eyes at the idea of quietly sitting in a room and focusing on their breathing, the evidence is there to support meditation as a form of relaxation with true health benefits. If you’re a skeptic, try to set aside your doubts and see if meditation can help you decrease your stress and improve your health, life, and longevity.
Here are some of the benefits of meditation:

  1. Decreases blood pressure: lowered blood pressure is associated with lower risk of stroke and heart attack, among other benefits.
  2. Reduces blood lactate: which can calm anxiety and reduce the frequency of panic attacks.
  3. Decrease tension pain: muscular pain caused by excessive tension can be improved through meditation.
  4. Increased serotonin production: this can create a more positive mood and alleviate depression symptoms.
  5. Improve the immune system: fewer colds, illnesses, and a greater ability to fight off infection can be a positive effect of meditation.
  6. Greater energy: higher energy levels have been reported in frequent meditators.
  7. Peace of mind: other non-physical benefits may help your whole life, as well. A sense of calm, well-being, peacefulness, strength, and reduced negative or stressful feelings can be a result of meditation. These benefits may extend to your personal life, work life, creativity, improved sleeping habits, and general sense of joy, which can benefit you and your heart in a multitude of ways.

How to get started: if you aren’t sure where to start, here are some resources to help you get involved in meditation:

  1. Books: reading about meditation can help you ease into the practice on your own schedule. Try Quiet Mind: A Beginner’s Guide to Meditation or Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program by Sharon Salzberg.
  2. CDs or podcasts: some people find it helpful to listen to meditation exercises. Try the audiobook Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love. You can also find great meditation resources for free on YouTube or through podcasts. Deepak Chopra guided meditations are available on YouTube, and “The Meditation Podcast” (available on the iTunes Podcasts channel) is a free source of great ideas.
  3. Classes: it can be great to connect with others on your meditation journey. Classes also offer guidance and support. Check out this list of meditation centers in Denver.

Meditation can be a great outlet for stress and it has many health benefits. It may be worth a try to reduce stress and improve your health and wellness.

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