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Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays

Ways to Stay Fit During the Holidays - South Denver Cardiology

For many people, staying fit during the holidays can be a real challenge. Not only does it become colder and wetter outside, but it becomes more delicious inside, with big holiday meals abound. Some people even go as far as giving up on fitness during this time, postponing exercise until the time for New Year’s Resolutions. But South Denver Cardiology knows that you don’t have to put your fitness on holiday hiatus. Here are some great tips for staying active and healthy in the wintertime, and not postponing preventative care until next year.

Baste Turkeys, Burn Calories

The great holiday food should inspire you to burn it off, even when it seems like the odds are against you. Take each great meal as a new fitness challenge.
Start the holiday season off right with a Turkey Trot! Every city and town hosts a charity walk or run on Thanksgiving morning; find yours and sign up! Push yourself to do the longest or fastest run you can, even if it means training in advance. Do a 5k, 10k half-marathon, or even a full marathon if you’re a true athlete! And if the most you feel comfortable with is a one-mile walk, do it. Every step counts!
Rather than make your Turkey Trot one last fitness hurrah before the holidays, you should make the most of your momentum. Buy some winter athletic gear (or find a treadmill) and make weekly running quotas. It doesn’t mean you have to run every day; but if you run enough, you shouldn’t have to feel bad about all those delicious holiday dishes.
Maybe running isn’t your thing; find a gym where you can swim, cycle, take exercise or dance classes, or play indoor sports like tennis, basketball, martial arts, you name it. Or maybe you are an outdoor winter sports person, as many of us at South Denver Cardiology; what better way to stay in holiday shape than downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or ice skating (or for you extreme sports people, ice climbing and heli-skiing)? Colorado is a playground of winter sports, so find what suits you best! Just make sure to bring all your gear such as that bowstring.
Remember, the same rule applies for holiday fitness as for all fitness: find something you like doing. If you treat it as a chore, it will never work.

How To Stay Healthy Through The Holiday Cooking

For many of us, the holidays mean eating and drinking immeasurable numbers of calories. It is not a time of year that incentives nutritional awareness or self-control. But a health-conscious person should balance the temptations of great food and drink with an enthusiasm for wellness and nutrition.
The first thing to remember, at all times but especially during the holidays, is portion size. The USA’s enormous portions are one of the leading causes of obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease. While it’s certainly in the spirit of the holidays to eat gargantuan plates of food–especially when Aunt Sally is demanding that you help polish off the last potatoes–in no way do the holidays improve the health effects of over-consumption. Don’t be afraid to pace yourself and plan on leftovers, and remember that you can donate your extra food to those in need. Some food banks and soup kitchens will only accept non-perishables, but many will accept and re-use your leftovers the day after a holiday. And who knows, that person in need may be your neighbor. There are a million reasons to cut your waistline a break.

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This holiday season, don’t resign yourself to two months of overeating and under-exercising. Take these preventative care tips from South Denver Cardiology and stay healthy! For more information and services, call (303) 744-1065 or contact us online.

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