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Stop and Smell the Roses: Creating Beauty All Around Us

“You should really stop and smell the roses!” I’m sure that you’ve heard that line a time or two in your life. Maybe it hasn’t been directed at you (and maybe it has) but it’s a good fact of life to live by. This phrase is typically used in the U.S. and its meaning is simple: take time to appreciate a situation or slow down and pay attention to what is going on around you. We’re living in a world today that is surrounded by man made and nature made beauty. In a time when our noses are buried in our mobile phones, or tablets, we should really make time to focus on what’s around us. When was the last time you took a walk in your neighborhood? Or when was the last time you took a vacation and didn’t bring your technology? As a group of Denver Cardiologist, we get spoiled because we live in one of the most beautify states in the world. We have the joy of coming to work every day and seeing beauty outside our windows on our way to work, and in our beautiful office building.
Stopping to enjoy the beauty of nature is only half of this great saying. When was the last time you actually celebrated an achievement? We all dong great things every day and we barely take time out of our busy schedules to pat ourselves on the back. Do you appreciate your friend or family’s achievements more than your own? It’s great to celebrate with other people, but it’s also OK to congratulate yourself on a job well done! So the next time you do something great at work, or do something for the community, don’t forget to give yourself a little bit of love.
Keeping up with a hectic is a skill that we’ve all grown accustomed to all too well. Make sure and enjoy the little things, or “stop and smell the roses.” Trust us; you’ll be glad that you did! 

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