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South Denver Cardiology Weighs In: The Pros and Cons of Running on that Treadmill

Many of us want to be a little fitter. Whether in the pursuit of a slimmer physique, a more active lifestyle, or a healthier future, exercise is a great way to improve yourself and your health! However, exercise can be time-consuming and difficult, so you want to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your workout. Running is one of the most straightforward yet physically intense forms of exercise, and is possible even in snowy weather thanks to treadmills. Many people turn to indoor treadmill running to keep off the pounds during the cozy winter months. But is this the best way to exercise? South Denver Cardiology weighs in on the pros and cons of running on that treadmill.


South Denver Cardiology’s final verdict? Running, whether indoors on a treadmill or outside in nature, can be a great way to exercise and improve your cardiovascular health. Running indoors can provide a greater degree of control, but running outside can be more exciting and enjoyable. Remember, though, no matter where you’re running to watch out for knee and ankle pain and make sure to take care of your joints.
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