Other Useful Links

A recommended list of resources for online cardiology information.

American College of Cardiology – The website for the professional society for US cardiologists

CardioSmart – The website for patient education from the American College of Cardiology

American Heart Association – The information source the American Heart Association, this site offers extensive resources for anyone interested in heart disease and stroke.

Heart Rhythm Society  – This website contains abundant educational information for patients with disorders of cardiac rhythm. It is published by the principle professional society for electrophysiology and cardiac pacing.

National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute – A government website containing extensive information on research and education about cardiovascular disorders. It has special web pages and interactive applications for hypertension, weight management, heart attacks, cholesterol disorders and body mass index calculators.

Center for Disease Control – A government website containing information on a broad variety of health issues. It has an extensive section on health statistics.

Medscape – A website primarily for healthcare providers, this site offers specialty-related homepages and access to the National Library’s Online medical publication database, Medline.

WebMD – This is popular consumer website offers a variety of services including a “Conditions Center”, breaking medical news reports, and a unique “MDUniversity” which offers online courses such as “Four Weeks to a Healthier Heart.” It also offers an online “personal health record” and a “Health Tools” section.

InteliHealth – A consumer-oriented website sponsored by Aetna, offering a broad variety of services, including a section of “complementary and alternative medicine” topics. It features Harvard Medical School’s Consumer Health Information reports. An interesting “Health Tools” section contains self-assessment quizzes, and health calculator tools.

C-Health – This site offers health news, columnists, and a searchable database, “Disease in Depth”, providing information about specific disease states.

HealthFinder – Health news and specific information regarding different medical conditions. This site includes listings of online journals, medical dictionaries, and resources for reporting fraud and complaints.

Martindale’s Health Science Guide – A database of health references, information and news

Health on the Net Foundation – A non-commercial overview of health resources