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Keeping Your Resolutions

Tips to Keep New Year Resolutions

January’s coming to a close and you know what that means – a lot of people you know have probably already fallen off their resolution wagon. If you’re still holding on, or are ready to restart those big plans you have for the year, it’s not too late! Especially when it comes to healthy resolutions, many people find themselves discouraged quickly, but in reality, it’s all about the journey and a continued (or renewed) commitment no matter where you might be right now. If you want some tips to help you stick with these lifestyle changes throughout 2018 and beyond, here’s our best advice.

Break Those Resolutions Down

Grandeur resolutions resting on claims of transformative change are, understandably, daunting when you finally try to implement them. Instead of making sweeping statements that seem to require an entire overhaul of your life, break down your resolutions into manageable chunks. Give yourself mini-milestones to reach throughout the year and it’ll serve as fuel to keep you working toward the “big” goal at the end of it all. If you’re really looking to streamline your goal-crushing, try breaking down your over all goal into monthly goals and then those monthly goals into weekly steps. One small thing weekly is much easier to wrap your mind around than a massive change at the start of January.

Get Realistic

You know what kinds of things you stick to and what are lofty goals that you’re not likely to even attempt to hit, really. There’s nothing wrong with getting real with yourself. The key to a really good resolution, one that can truly change your life for the better, is pushing your comfort zone without breaking out of it completely. This balance is most easily found when you’re realistic, with just a little extra dash of idealistic tossed in. If you listed something in December that you knew would be tough to accomplish and now you’re feeling like crossing it off your list completely, pause before you strike it. Instead, revisit the idea behind the resolution. See if you can mold it into something more achievable, a little more comfortable, but still challenging. You could revise your whole resolution list like this if you’re feeling overwhelmed and suddenly 2018 might just feel a heck of a lot more like your year.

Prioritize Your Health Safely

If you’ve ever been to a gym in the month of January you know full well that health-based resolutions are some of the most common. But before you start daydreaming of weightlifting competitions or taking on HIIT routines, make sure you check with your doctor. Prioritizing your health is a wonderful goal any time of year, but making sure you do so safely is of the utmost importance. Work with your healthcare provider to help create a nutrition and exercise plan that meets your goals while keeping your needs and limitations in mind.

Track and Reward

What good is a goal if you can’t watch yourself inch closer to it? One of our favorite parts about tip number one is giving yourself mini achievements to celebrate along the way. Track your progress based on those broken down steps every month and reward yourself each time you achieve. Make sure your rewards help build toward your overall goals rather than being potential setbacks, though.
Whether or not your interest in your resolutions is waning already, you can always hop back on track and re-prioritize, regardless of what the date on the calendar says. There’s never a wrong time for self-improvement.

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