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5 Denver Restaurants That Are Actually Good for Your Heart

Heart Healthy Restaurants in Denver

Denver has blossomed into a foodie city in recent years, and with so many delicious restaurants ranging across the full spectrum of fares to choose from, eating out can be a special treat. But when you’re watching your health, especially your heart health, it can be a little tricky to find the right cuisine without hurting all the efforts you’ve been putting into eating healthier. Thankfully, Denver has plenty of heart healthy options that are bursting with flavor and completely delicious. As your Denver cardiologists, we picked a few for you to check out and even offered up a few tips on how to keep it as heart healthy as possible.

WaterCourse Foods

They advertise themselves as Denver’s Original Vegan Restaurant, and their menu speaks to their experience in crafting delicious vegan dishes that don’t sacrifice any flavor for the health. The only stickler here is that their niche is vegan comfort food, and we all know comfort food tends to be a little higher on the fat and cholesterol scale than other fare. However, if you stick with their non-fried options, you’ll be good.

Mercury Cafe

Not your average cafe, Mercury is all about organic food and a local community. Committed to sustainability through and through, they are powered by solar and wind energy and have a menu chalk full of delicious, fresh options like Hot and Spicy Chicken & Vegetables and Garlic Linguine with Spinach and Tomato. They offer brunch as well as dinner and you’ll find all kinds of entertainment ranging from live music to poetry readings and even tarot card readings in this funky eclectic setting.

Blue Sushi Sake Grill

Ok look, we know a sushi place might seem a little counter-intuitive what with the onslaught of sauces and fried rolls available on so many sushi menus, but Blue does a fantastic job of highlighting their healthier options. There are plenty of vegetarian and vegan roll choices and their sashimi options are fantastic as well. Blue knows how to combine some phenomenal flavors and provides a one of a kind dining experience that’ll keep your stomach and your heart happy and healthy.

Vert Kitchen

In the Wash Park West neighborhood of Denver, Vert Kitchen is hiding out with one heck of a health-centered philosophy and food that you’ll be craving long after you’ve finished. The chefs at Vert utilize a slow food philosophy and French cuisine techniques while cooking up their all handmade dishes made with 100% locally grown produce and all-natural, sustainable meat and dairy products. Their lemon tuna sandwich is a delicious and heart-healthy option, but their whole menu has gems for every type of eater.


One of Chef Troy Guard’s latest ventures, BuBu serves up delicious bowls with fresh ingredients, delicious protein, and carefully crafted sauces to satisfy every taste. The menu, similar to many others on this list, changes seasonally based on locally available produce, but the concept behind BuBu’s flavorful menu is a healthy take on the build-your-own bowl craze.
Next time you’re planning date night, or are looking for a place to celebrate, or simply get out of the house for an evening, try one of these heart healthy restaurants in Denver and indulge in your delicious foodie side without giving up on your hard-earned health.

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