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Heart Health Benefits of Golf

Heart Health Benefits of Golf - South Denver Cardiology

This summer, enjoy one of the season’s greatest games: golf! This country club classic is always a hit with friends. It’s a great way to keep you heart healthy, stay active, and enjoy some socializing. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Low-key cardio: if you’re not someone who loves to sweat it out at the gym, but wants to stay fit, golf can be a great way to get your heart pumping. It’s the perfect exercise for people who don’t love exercise. You’ll be surprised at how much you walk during an 18-hole (or even 9-hole!) round. This type of cardio is also great for building your stamina, because you get lots of breaks in between holes.
  2. Fresh air: studies show that time in nature is good for your health, so why not give it a try? Vitamin D from the sun, increased exercised, and mood boosting benefits can all help you feel better.
  3. Socializing: friendship is key to a healthy life. Golf is one of the most social sports because it gives you a chance to talk and laugh as you play. Catch up with your friends while enjoying some time on the course. Close connections are associated with greater longevity and better overall health, including cardiovascular health.
  4. Mentally Stimulating: Not only does golf help keep you physically active, but it can also help keep your mind sharp. Golf is as much mental as well as physical. The sport requires you, with each shot, to factor in variables such as distance, elevation change, wind and terrain. Each hole and each shot presents new challenges that can vary widely depending on different factors that mother-nature throws at you to keep your mind on its toes, so to speak.

So you’re sold, but where to go? No problem. Here you can find many of Denver’s friendliest public golf courses that do not require membership to try this summer. Here are a few of our favorites:

  1. Kennedy Golf Course: this spot on East Hampden Avenue has great views, a nice driving range, and boasts an awesome mini golf course.
  2. Wellshire Golf Course: located on South Colorado Boulevard, this course has mountain views and is known for its pleasant strolling.
  3. Fitzsimmons Golf Course: find this old school course on Scranton Street. This treasure golfing treasure is known for its great value, friendliness and welcoming attitude, especially for older golfers.

If you are interested in joining a country club for more golf access, check out this list of options!
Now get golfing! It is a great sport and one that can help keep your heart healthy, as well as your mind as golf is very mental.
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