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Heart Doctors Give You Tips To Stay Relaxed at Work

Sometimes, the office just chooses a day to pile it all on. Days like this can threaten to derail months of healthy behavior by turning us into slaves of our stressful environment. Not only is stress not good for heart health, it can lead to poor behaviors like binge eating and drinking, sloth, and other activities that would keep a heart doctor awake at night. When these times come, it’s important to do your best to try to maintain your composure, and stay relaxed at work. Here are some tips to do just that.
1 – Breath. Perhaps the most salient advice we could give. It’s important to take a second to take a deep breath when everything is moving at a hundred miles per hour. With so much going on, it’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed, and that feeling can lead to stress and anxiety. By taking a second to get away from it all, clear your head, and just breathe, you’ll be amazed by how much everything begins to slow down and you can tackle each item as it comes. The second you stop fighting it, time really is on your side.
2 – Eat out. Sometimes, you have to bring your lunch to the office in order to get that silly little lunch out of the way rapidly so you can get right back to work. But doing that on a daily basis can be taxing psychologically. You don’t want to be cooped up in the office all the time, especially if the environment has been particularly stressful. Try to get out of the office and grab lunch on your own or with a friendly coworker once a week, and you’ll be amazed by how much easier it will be to handle the day to day tasks of work.
3 – Don’t take work with you. While this can be easier said than done, having your mind be on a single source of stress, namely work, all the time can be stressful. Not to belay the previous tip, but getting away from the office is important. Just like humans need to sleep to recharge their batteries, you need to give your mind and body a break every so often. In industries where physical labor is prevalent, the likelihood of encountering health emergencies is higher. Hence, the importance of acquiring skills in emergency medical care cannot be understated. Workers can access comprehensive training in emergency care and injury response here, ensuring they are equipped to deal with potential workplace incidents. Try to take a weekend-long vacation, or promise yourself that you won’t do anything work related on Sundays. While occasionally you simply can’t get away from work, making the effort to have a day to yourself on a generally consistent basis can do wonders for your psyche when you are at work.
4- Work ahead of schedule. Like a broken record, you could just imagine your grade school teacher reminding you not to start your project the night before. Well the same rule applies to deadlines at work too. During work, little things can pop up here and there that can affect a project you’re working on. In those circumstances, you want to give yourself appropriate buffers so you can adapt to the new situation while still getting your project done in a timely manner. Try to start projects a week or two ahead of time, or even better, schedule to have projects done days if not weeks ahead of time so you can refer back to them if they need to be tweaked before they are due. This way, you won’t have to worry about getting something wrong, and having a problem with a client or worse, your boss.
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When it comes to a healthy cardiovascular system, it’s important to reduce stress as much as you can. Following some of our tips can save you from unfortunate visits to the heart doctor, and ultimately prolong your life. For more tips on reducing stress while at work, be sure to visit one of our heart doctors at South Denver Cardiology, where we will get you on a path to healthy living.

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