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Dr. Lee MacDonald Published in the New England Journal of Medicine

Dr. Lee MacDonald an interventional cardiologist here at South Denver Cardiology and has been working for years researching the effects of Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) closure and medical therapy after stroke. He was recently published for the second time regarding the research in a study called RESPECT Clinical Trials. The latest results in the study conclude that “among adults who had had a cryptogenic ischemic stroke, closure of a PFO was associated with a lower rate of recurrent ischemic strokes than medical therapy alone during extended follow-up.” See the article here. 
Patent Foramen Ovale is a hole in the upper two chambers of the heart that can go unnoticed for a lifetime. PFO’s are often found in younger patients who have experienced a stroke or TIA. Dr. MacDonald has years of experience in PFO closure and SDCA is leading the way in helping patients not only with heart disease but reducing the chance of recurrent strokes. In the video below Dr. MacDonald discusses PFO and PFO closure.

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