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Denver Cardiologists Recommend a Trip to Mesa Verde

Colorado simply has to be the most beautiful state in the country. There is simply so much to see and the best thing about most of it is that many destinations require a hike to visit. Hiking is an excellent physical activity for the body, and our Denver cardiologists always recommend the activity to our patients in the summer. Perhaps one of the best hikes in the state of Colorado must be Mesa Verde. Mesa Verde is located in the southwest corner of the state, near Durango. From Denver it takes about 8 hours to drive there so you will likely want to stay overnight in the area. Geographically, the area features a very prominent plateau system that is lush with life. At its highest point, the plateau system reaches 8,572 feet in elevation, which allows you to take in hundreds of miles of gorgeous landscape. The drive to the top of the plateau system is necessary, but once you reach the top, there are several hiking trails throughout the park.
These hiking trails allow you to admire the beauty of Mesa Verde, but there’s more than just natural wonders. Mesa Verde is home to several elaborate cliff dwellings of the ancient Pueblo people. These cliff dwellings are largely preserved because they are well protected against the elements, allowing you to step back in time before Europeans visited the continent. The cliff dwellings are made up of primarily adobe structures, and can be found throughout the plateau system. However, because they are built into the cliffs, hikes, some more strenuous than others, are required to visit them. The drive along the top of the plateau can take you to great vantage points to see them from afar, but don’t expect to get more than that without getting your feet dirty.
This vacation can be easily planned within a weekend if you live in Denver. You simply need to take one day to drive to Durango, spending your evening there. After all, Durango is a very charming city in its own rite, with much to explore and amazing restaurants. You can then spend the next day exploring the ruins atop of Mesa Verde. Spend the evening relaxing your tired legs after the many hikes and scenes that are yours for the taking. The next morning, you can pack your bags and head back home. If you live in Colorado and you haven’t gone to Mesa Verde yet, drop all your plans for the next weekend and go. You won’t be sorry.
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 Hiking is important, and making a hiking trip part of a mini-vacation can do wonders for your heart health. Stress can be very damaging to your body, and taking a vacation to somewhere amazing can be just what the doctor ordered. If you’re concerned about your heart health, then schedule an appointment with South Denver Cardiology today. To schedule an appointment, call us at 303-744-1065, or visit our website here.

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