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Denver Cardiologists Recommend A Trip To Denver's Zoo Lights

Another year passes by, and hopefully, your entire family has remained healthy throughout the year. The Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology believe in celebrating good health by enjoying life with the people you love most. That’s why, as the door begins to shut on 2013, we recommend you take the opportunity to take the kids to one of Denver’s most eye-opening events of the year: The Denver Zoo’s Zoo Lights.
Zoo Lights is an event for all audiences. Whether it be a magical night trip for the kids, or a romantic evening with that special someone, Denver’s Zoo Lights is simply sublime. Running from December 6th to January 5th, the Denver Zoo hoists glamorous lights in the shapes of animals throughout the park grounds. The experience also includes dazzling ice sculptures of various animals. But no zoo is complete without some animal showcase, and the Denver Zoo does not disappoint. The giraffes remain on display in their comfortable shed for all to observe during the Zoo Lights event. And with all this, the Zoo still gives you more. Scheduled events and shows occur throughout the park during the four hour period, all of which is free with admission. Though it could get a little cold during this time of year for an outdoor exhibit, as long as you bundle up, the trip will be well worth the temperature.
Think about it. Imagine taking that one person that makes your heart sing. Once you enter the park, you can walk together, arm-in-arm, basking in the invigorating glow of the surrounding light show. As you continue your aimless promenade in the park, sharing your backgrounds with one another and laughing along the way, a memory will be born. Or go with the family, and take the kids to a fairy tale-like place that will make them feel the love their parents have for them.
Regardless of the occasion, the Denver Zoo Lights are a magnificent excuse to celebrate wellness. Participation in this annual event costs $12 for adults, $8 for children between 3 and 11, $10 for seniors, and is free for children 2 and under. Lines can be long to purchase tickets, so try to avoid the wait by purchasing them online. Tickets can even be purchased from a mobile phone. Plan a trip to Denver Zoo Lights today, before you have to wait another year.
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 South Denver Cardiology is always on the lookout for interesting events and activities in the Denver-area that help us celebrate our good health with those we love. Go to the Denver Zoo Lights website, and purchase your tickets online. Then, while you’re still online, go to the South Denver Cardiology website, and get exercise tips, recipes and nutrition, and some great information from our best-in-class doctors.

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