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Denver Cardiologists offer Tips for Eating Healthy When Traveling

If you need to keep to a heart healthy diet, that doesn’t mean you’re tied to your own kitchen.  There are ways to eat heart healthy while traveling.
Many people on restricted diets fall in to the trap of thinking they can’t stray far from their own kitchens.  With a bit of planning and the right choices, it is possible to eat healthy while on the road and enjoy the excitement of exploring new cultures and cuisines. Some easy eating strategies and up-front planning can help you make better choices and even allow you to splurge on regional specialties without feeling any guilt.
Here are some heart healthy travel eating tips that will keep you on the right path while you’re exploring new territories:

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Don’t let your restricted diet restrict your ability to get out and explore the world.  When you plan your next vacation, select a spot known for their excellent fresh foods, book a hotel where you can prepare some of your own meals, and be careful about your menu selections.  Most of all, have a great time exploring new territory.  For more information look for nutritional tips at or ask your South Denver Cardiologist.

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