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Denver Cardiologists Encourage Embracing Tranquility with Painting and Drawing

We all know how hectic life can get: kids, jobs, errands, money worries, and a lengthy to-do list can quickly add up and overwhelm even the calmest person. However, as cardiologists know all too well, all of that tension takes a toll on the body. There’s a clear link between stress levels and heart health. Feelings of stress cause a response in the sympathetic nervous system, elevating your heart rate and blood pressure. That’s why it’s so important to both mitigate major sources of stress and manage how you respond to daily stressors.
Since it’s not possible for most people to eliminate all sources of stress, it’s incredibly important to find ways to relax and decompress. Drawing and painting are great ways to find some tranquility in your busy life. The act of focusing on one project with no deadlines or expectations allows you to take a breather from all of the responsibilities and time tables that may be causing unhealthy stress levels.
Carve out a little time for yourself and explore your artistic side! Grab a paint brush or pencil, find a quiet spot and set your imagination free! Focusing on something besides your worries is the first step to reducing your stress level. When your stress level decreases, it will automatically lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Even just an hour or two of art a week can bring a sense of peace and help to relieve chronic stress.
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Break out those art supplies and see if you can tackle your stress! To learn how to manage your stress levels and discuss your heart health, schedule an appointment with South Denver Cardiology today. To schedule an appointment, call us at 303-744-1065, or visit our website here.

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