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Denver Cardiologist Tips: How To Avoid Stress During The Holidays

We know that this time of year can be a taxing one. On one hand, being surrounded by family, holiday cheer, and affection from loved ones can be wonderful experience. On the other hand, the holidays can mean a lot of rushing, drama, and other forms of holiday stress. It can be easy to lose sight of the positives during this time. Naturally, these patterns always have the Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology worried. Stress is one of the largest contributors to a weakening heart. Learning how to limit the stress during this busy time of the year can be an important life skill. Here are some tips to limiting that stress and just focusing on the happier parts of the holidays.
1- The first step to beating the stress during this time is to recognize that you have it. Ignoring stress can be just as counterproductive as falling into it. You should know your own symptoms when you become stressed. You start to become more frazzled, perhaps distant, or easily frustrated. If you begin to the notice the signs, then begin to take steps to reduce that stress.
2- Reduce or eliminate sources of stress. Sometimes the best ways to handle stress is by removing its source or limiting the amount of time you face it. If talking to a stubborn relative has become too difficult, then ask another family member to handle the burden. If planning a dinner party for the family has become overwhelming, try to divide up the work with family and friends. Taking on the problems of the world on your shoulders is too demanding. Other people are there in your life to lighten the load and help you out. Don’t push people away. Delegate the responsibilities. You aren’t alone in this.
3- Have a positive attitude. Occasionally, the best way to reduce stress is to stop being so negative. An optimist can find good attributes to any situation, even if it’s a stretch. A positive attitude will make ignoring the little things that go wrong easier, and allow you to focus on the exciting experiences ahead. Concentrate on things that are going well right now. If you’re having a difficult time focusing on the positives, then ask a friend to help you. Sometimes an outside perspective can remind us things aren’t so bad.
4- Stop and smell the roses. When we are traveling at a hundred miles per hour, time starts to feel like it is slipping away. This can be a very trapping sentiment that will inevitably cause significant stress. So instead, try to find some time for yourself. Take a leisurely stroll in the park, listen to some music in your room, play games like satta king, or even take a nap. Interrupting your sleeping schedule can have disastrous effects on your psyche and heart.
5- Perfection is overrated. Remember that nothing in this world is perfect, and that includes the holidays. This is especially true when you compare the past to the present. We have a tendency to romanticize the past and make it impossible for the present to meet our expectations, causing disappointment. But remember that no time was perfect, and it can never be perfect. Flaws in ourselves and our experiences are what make us unique, and it’s pivotal to remember that things will go wrong, but overcoming those obstacles and celebrating with loved ones are what makes every holiday season distinct and memorable.
How to Use This Information
Use these helpful tips to find ways to enjoy the holidays, instead of fretting over the problems that may arise. Don’t let stress impact your heart’s health. If you’re concerned that stress may be having adverse effects on your heart’s health, visit the Denver cardiologists at South Denver Cardiology for an exam. It’s always nice to put your mind at ease.
What do you do to avoid stress during the holidays?

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