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Colorado Heart Health: High Altitude Crossfit Training

Colorado Heart Health

When we look at what causes heart disease, we often see a direct correlation to diet and exercise. We also know that with many exercise programs, it is easy to fall into the same dull routine. But, a new program is rapidly gaining in popularity called CrossFit. Known for its heavy-duty routines that combine cardiovascular with aerobic exercise, CrossFit is sweeping the nation. And at high altitude, it’s a whole new challenge—our Colorado heart experts at South Denver Cardiology would know better than anyone! Read on to learn about CrossFit and to see if you are up to the challenge!
Don’t be too scared: CrossFit consists of a wide variety of exercises fit for all body types and strength levels, from the most out-of-shape beginners to some of the world’s greatest athletes. CrossFit is a fitness regimen meant to fuse the skills and demands of all sports, so that practitioners of CrossFit will experience a wide range of physical activities. As its site says, “our specialty is not specializing.”
CrossFit operates many independent gyms around the country and also holds programs in many more athletic clubs. There are many different exercises to work all parts of the body, both calisthenics and equipment exercises. You could be doing squats or pull-ups or tossing huge weights and tires! With CrossFit, you won’t fall into a boring routine as evidenced by their list of programs. There are even the CrossFit Games, an Olympic-type competition where the champions of CrossFit compete for glory!
At altitude, CrossFit is a whole new experience. For any Colorado heart health-conscious people, try out CrossFit but don’t rush it: its cardiovascular strain can be quite intense at a mile high. But don’t shy away from it either, as the combination of exercise and altitude can make for strong cardiovascular health! CrossFit has swept America because it is both effective and fun, regardless of whether people treat it as a weekly hobby or a whole lifestyle.
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CrossFit is a great way to maintain your Colorado heart health, as our team at South Denver Cardiology well knows. But there are many other great ways to look after your heart, and South Denver Cardiology has them all: clinical cardiology, diagnostic testing, special programs, you name it! Give us a call at (303) 744-1065 or set up an appointment online.

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