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What Causes Heart Disease: Shop Healthy With Gift Cards!

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This holiday season, don’t let the food and drink stop you from giving the gift of heart health! South Denver Cardiology knows as well as anyone how deliciously unhealthy the holidays are; Thanksgiving, Hanukah, and Christmas might even top the list of what causes heart disease! That’s why this year, you can use your holiday shopping as a way to encourage yourself or a loved one to make healthier cardiovascular choices. Our team put together this list of great heart healthy gift cards and gift ideas for you to choose from.
Fitbit: This great tool can track the steps you take, the calories you burn, your heart rate, sleep quality, and just about every measure of fitness you want it to. It comes in many wearable varieties, like watches, belt clips, and zippers. You can buy their products directly from their website or other websites, fitness stores, or electronics stores. And while Fitbit doesn’t directly sell gift cards, a few third-party websites do offer them.
Nike FuelBand: The revolutionary hardware addition to Nike’s brand of Nike+ fitness software, the FuelBand gives you accurate and dynamic fitness tracking beneficial for heart health. It can connect to your smartphone and give you great information about your healthy activity, similar to the Fitbit. Their wristband or anklet products come in a variety of colors with a cool light display. FuelBands can be bought on their site or at other stores or websites, and Nike gift cards can also pay for the FuelBand.
Winter exercise accessories: Today’s high-tech hasn’t totally replaced traditional sports gear. Everyone needs at least a few things to get them exercising, especially in the winter when the cold chases most people inside. Try shopping for winter running shoes, hats or headbands, music player armbands, jump ropes, and more! Click the links to shop for winter sports accessories or gift cards at reliable sites!
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South Denver Cardiology is your partner for getting in the season spirit and combating what causes heart disease with great, healthy gifts! While doing the rest of your shopping, don’t forget South Denver Cardiology for heart-healthy needs like CT scans, stress testing, and other cardiac services. Give us a call at (303) 744-1065 or contact us online.

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