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What Causes Heart Disease II? South Denver Cardiology Discusses Arrhythmia

What Causes Heart Disease? - South Denver Cardiology

South Denver Cardiology has been exploring the question of, “What causes heart disease” over a series of blog post. Our first topic was on Atherosclerosis and Arteriosclerosis. Our second topic looks arrhythmias.
What is an arrhythmia? The doctors of South Denver Cardiology want you to be informed about this heart health concern. Arrhythmia is a term used to describe an irregular heartbeat, which may or may not accompany an irregular heart rate. The severity of arrhythmia varies considerably; some patients may barely notice an arrhythmia, whereas other arrhythmias can result in cardiac arrest and even sudden death. Each year, more than 850,000 people are hospitalized in the United States for arrhythmia.
Arrhythmias can be caused by a variety of conditions. Most commonly, electrolyte imbalances in the bloodstream, coronary artery disease, heart muscle injury, surgical complications, and the aftermath of a heart attack can result in the development of arrhythmia. While many arrhythmias may be asymptomatic, some arrhythmias may be noticed by constant or infrequent heart palpitations, dizziness, weakness, or chest pain. Arrhythmias may be treated with medication, surgery, or the use of electricity conversion depending on the nature and cause of the arrhythmia.
South Denver Cardiology has an Arrhythmia Clinic devoted to the diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmia. If you are experiencing any symptoms possibly associated with arrhythmia or are worried about your heart health or the possibility of arrhythmia, contact the South Denver Cardiology Associates Arrhythmia Clinic at Parker Adventist Hospital.
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Schedule an appointment with the South Denver Cardiology Associates Arrhythmia Clinic at Parker Adventist Hospital by calling (303) 744-1065. The Arrhythmia Clinic is located in the Sierra Building at 9399 Crown Crest Boulevard, Suite 230 in Parker, CO 80138. For more information on what causes heart disease or risk factors for heart disease, visit our FAQ page.
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As with any health concerns, your specific treatment program should be discussed thoroughly with your primary care physician as well as any specialists who may need to be consulted – like a cardiologist.

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