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The 5 Most Amazing Hidden Gems in Colorado You Need to See

Hidden Colorado Gems

With Colorado’s ever-increasing population, it’s no surprise that places are becoming more and more crowded. Some of the best hiking spots for getting your sweat on with amazing views are often so packed on the weekends that it’s not even worth it to make the trek these days. But when the weather is nice and the sun is shining, your Denver Heart Doctor Group at South Denver Cardiology know it is important to get out there and get your heart rate up. If you want to skip the crowds this summer, check out some hidden Colorado gems to get your cardio on and savor the views without all the added bustle.
Bishop’s Castle
On the way to the Great Sand Dunes, this hidden Colorado gem is tucked in the San Isabel National Forest is a pretty magical spot. Bishop’s Castle started as a family construction project and quickly evolved into something out of a fantasy novel. Though visitors are required to sign the guest book in place of a waiver, the towering castle features winding staircases that go up, up, up to the top of the structure. With a dragon keeping watch and stained glass windows that tell the story of the castle, it’s a must-see fairy tale moment in an unexpected place.
Lone Eagle Peak
Looking for a breathtaking view without the literal breathtaking aspect of a 14er? Lone Eagle Peak is your spot. Recognizable by its steep spires, the 11,900 ft. peak towers above Crater Lake. Don’t let the lower altitude fool you, though, this climb is considered one of Colorado’s most technical. But don’t worry, the photos from across the lake are just as stunning.
Grand Lake
Among the best of our hidden Colorado gems, Grand Lake is located on the lesser-used west entrance to Rocky Mountain State Park. Grand Lake is a glorious mountain lake tucked away in charming Grand County. Taking a detour to Grand Lake will allow you to start your RMNP adventure without battling the crowds at the eastern entrance of the park.
Paint Mines
In Calhan, Colorado, off the beaten path lies one of the most surreal, stunning places. The Paint Mines feel like walking on another planet, or perhaps through a child’s favorite watercolor painting. While you’re here, you can also check out the next gem on the list.
Wheeler Geologic Area
Located in the Rio Grande National Forest, this place with leave you in total awe. The sandstone spires were formed by a volcanic explosion millions of years ago and what was left behind is a jaw-dropping beautiful work of nature.

How to Use This Information

If you hit up any of these hidden Colorado gems this summer, make sure to check with your physician before doing anything exceptionally rigorous. Cardio is an important part of keeping your heart in its best shape, and with all the beautiful outdoor options Colorado has to offer, there’s no reason not to get out there and do your heart – and soul – some good this summer. If you’re wondering where your heart health falls on the spectrum, contact us at 303-744-1065 or visit us online to learn more about what South Denver Cardiology can do for you.

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