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Video House Calls

Our mission at South Denver Cardiology is: To Be The Provider of Choice for Delivering The Highest Quality Cardiac Care.

Ensuring our patients receive the highest level of care is always our top priority.  This is especially true, as many of you are making life adjustments to protect yourself against COVID-19.

To help keep you safe, effective immediately, we are implementing Video House Calls to replace some in-person appointments for those of you who have seen your provider within the last three years.  This means that you do not need to leave the safety of your home to see your provider.

If you have an upcoming scheduled appointment, we will contact you about changing this to a Video House Call. You can call us at 303-744-1065 (select option 2) to learn more and change your appointment. Or, email us at

We are dedicated to keeping you safe and well cared for!

What is a Video House Call?

Video House Call uses video technology already on your computer, tablet, iPad, or smartphone to allow you to meet with your provider in the comfort and safety of your own home.

We can determine a lot just by seeing you and listening to you. This allows us to maintain your level of care and even enable us to renew your medications

How does a Video House Call Work?

Video House Calls are simple and work with your existing home technology.

Download Video House Calls instructions for desktop and laptop computers here.

Download Zoom Cloud Meeting instructions for Android and Apple devices here. 

If you have any Video House Call questions, we have answers!

Video House Calls FAQ’s

Do I have to change my appointment to a Video House Call?



Who will I see for my Video House Call?

You will see the provider(s) with whom your appointment was initially scheduled

How will this work with my insurance?

Your insurance will treat this exactly like a regular appointment at our office

How will this work with my billing?

This will be billed the same as a regular, in-office appointment

You will receive a phone call from our check-in staff about 15 minutes prior to your appointment to collect your insurance information and co-pay. Please have your insurance card with you and your credit card so that we can collect your co-pay at that time.

How does this compare to physically seeing my provider?

We can tell a lot by seeing you and talking with you. This allows us to continue your care without you risking unnecessary physical exposure.

What about the physical part of my exam?

Obviously, there are some physical aspects of your exam which we are not able to conduct during this type of appointment

However, if you happen to have the following at home (not required!), we can use this information: Please obtain any measurements below prior to your appointment.

    • Scale – we can record your weight
    • Blood Pressure Machine – we can record your blood pressure
    • Pulse Oximeter – we can record your blood oxygen level and heart rate
    • Thermometer – we can record your temperature
Will I be able to renew my medications?

Yes, based on your consultation
*Please have all of your medications ready for review. 

What if I need additional tests?

We will perform diagnostic testing as appropriate.

What if I need a test, procedure, or next appointment?

If the procedure is considered “urgent,” there is no delay in scheduling. If elective, it may be delayed until an appropriate time.

If any tests or procedures are ordered by your provider, our check-out staff will call after your Video House Call to schedule these tests.

Do I have the right internet connection?

This service works with almost any internet connection.

Do I have the right device for video conferencing?

Most laptops manufactured in the past ten years have built-in cameras

Most smartphones and tablets also have a camera for video calling

If you do not have a laptop computer, tablet, iPad, or smartphone (iPhone or Android), you can also use your desktop computer if it has a camera for video conferencing.

  • Within 24-48 hours before your Video House Call Appointment, Test your video compatibility
Do I have the technical ability?

If you can click on a link in an email, you should be all set.

How long will this take?

You should allow 30 minutes for your Video House Call

What should I wear?

You can wear whatever you’d like

Is this just for the COVID-19 time, or is this forever?

We will return to regular, in-office appointments as prudence allows

What if I have additional questions about Video House Calls?

Please give us a call at (303-703-2052)– for our Video House Call Support.

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Click here to visit the CDC website on what the symptoms are of COVID-19.