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Heart Doctors Tell You How You Can Sculpt That Celebrity Body

It’s a wonder how Brad Pitt and Mila Kunis can have the god-like physiques they do. Sure, if your career requires you to work with a trainer every day for a six-month period, you could look like that too. But the heart doctors at South Denver Cardiology know something you don’t: That isn’t the only way to look like the celebrities of Maxims top 100 Hottest People. It turns out, there’s an alternative to the intense exercise regimes the celebrities go through. It should be noted, that results won’t be as fast as they are for celebrities, but if you follow these tips every day, we guarantee that you will eventually look and feel like a celebrity:

1 – Exercise daily, at least thirty minutes to an hour. We understand that with a full-time job and other responsibilities, this can seem like the most difficult task to complete routinely. But the trick is finding that routine. Just like with your job, once you get into your routines, it becomes peculiar to stop. If that still isn’t enough motivation, then try changing up your work outs every couple of weeks. Alternate between cardiovascular and muscular activity each day, or try to do a little bit of both during your one hour. But regardless of how you do it, make sure to give yourself that single hour every day, no interruptions.

2 – Eat a nutritious diet. It turns out Angelina Jolie and Ryan Reynolds don’t just look the way they do because of good genes and a platinum gym membership. Your body simply couldn’t sustain an impressive physique without a healthy, balanced diet. We’re not saying you need to cut out certain portions of the food pyramid, but rather sticking to it strictly. Eat the exact amounts of calories and food groups you’re allowed each day, and you’ll find your body responding kindly. A healthy diet means a healthy body, and who can deny that celebrities look anything but.

3 – Eat all meals throughout the day. This discovery is more recent in weight-loss circles, but its benefits are undisputed. Your body is better designed to refuel itself every couple of hours with small portions, rather than surviving off two to three square massive square meals a day. By limiting your portions and eating more frequently, your body gets accustomed to refueling itself off of the food you supply, rather than automatically storing fat from any excess. As your body begins to store less fat, any muscle tone you’ve gained from any form of physical exercise will become more pronounced, and help you look ready to audition for this summer’s next big blockbuster.

4- Understand the Role of Plastic Surgery. There are instances where non-invasive and invasive cosmetic procedures, otherwise known as plastic surgery, can be considered as adjuncts in achieving a certain physique. A significant number of celebrities are speculated or have openly admitted to using these methods to enhance or maintain their physical appearance. Despite rigorous exercise and a balanced diet, certain areas of the body can be stubborn in retaining fat. This is usually due to genetic predisposition.

May is National Stroke Month, and our staff at South Denver Cardiology wants to remind you to maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll look more and more like a Hollywood celebrity in no time, and prevent health risks in the long-term.
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Looking like a celebrity means looking healthy, and the keys to looking healthy are in every heart doctor’s office at South Denver Cardiology. A happier healthier you makes us feel fulfilled, so adhere to our advice and we’ll support you. Check in with one of our heart doctors at South Denver Cardiology today to learn about how to look healthier. Schedule an appointment with us online, or call 303-744-1065.

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