CT Angiography

CT angiography is a new method of visualizing the blood vessels in the heart, abdomen, and extremities. Computed Tomography or “CAT Scan”, is a medical diagnostic tool that allows the visualization of internal structures within the body.

The patient is placed on a table that moves through a camera, which contains an X-ray tube, which rotates around the patient. Contrast dye is injected through an IV into a vein in the arm, and images of the blood vessels are acquired by the CT scanner. The computer processes the information and creates images that will be reviewed by your physician.

Scanning of the heart takes approximately 30 minutes during which time you will be asked to hold your breath for short periods of time. After the test is completed, the IV is removed, and you may return to your normal activities, to home, or to work. You will be encouraged to drink adequate fluids for the 24 hours following your procedure.