Seminar / Class Handouts

This page contains the PowerPoint presentations that will be used in upcoming nutrition lectures and support group lectures.

PowerPoints for Nutrition Lectures

VIDEO-Guest speaker, NBC’s Biggest Loser Finalist Joe Ostaszewski  6/22/16

Mind Diet--1/11/17
Beautiful Skin from the Inside Out! 1/18/17
Heart disease reversal diets 1/25/17
Prevent Portion Distortion  2/8/17
Eating to Ease Arthritis 2/15/17
Mind over matter Think Yourself Well 2/22/17
Eating Healthy on a Budget 3/1/17
Eat Your Way to Better Sleep! 3/8/17
Eating for Satiety  3/15/17
Oral Health = Heart Health  3/22/17
Ban The Belly Fat  4/5/17
Protein prescription  4/12/17
Thyroid Health  4/19/17
Curb Your Cravings  5/3/17
Digestive Disorders – Natural Treatments  5/10/17
Sitting Is the New Smoking-Christine Wetzig  1/24/18


PowerPoints for Monthly Classes

Anticoagulation Basics
Expanded Lipid Panel-Berkeley
Diabetes, Pre-Diabetes -new
Cholesterol and Your Heart
Heart Failure Presentation

PowerPoints for Support Group
ICD Support Group 2/21/2014
Dr. Oz Personality Quiz 2014

Power Points for Community Outreach

Atrial Fibrillation for Community
50 & Better Together_Inflammation

Reversing heart disease lecture-11-7-17