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Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation – What’s New

Amazing Heart Disease Reversal Success

Heart health and heart disease are two sides of the same coin. Knowing this, those of us at South Denver Cardiology work to find the connection between the two and focus on how to reverse heart disease  whenever possible. Part of our commitment to helping patients better understand the impact their daily choices have on their heart health and heart disease reversal includes an amazing program called Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation. After witnessing several groups go through the program, we’ve been so impressed with the life-altering results.

About the Program

The Intensive Cardiac Rehabilitation program, also known as the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program, brings about its tremendous results by helping participants adopt and sustain lifestyle changes in four areas of their lives: what they eat; how active they are; how they respond to stress; and how much love & support they have in their lives. By optimizing these four elements, the program empowers them to minimize their reliance on medications, avoid future surgeries, and most importantly, take control of their health once more.

Heart Disease Reversal?

Though there was initially some skepticism surrounding whether or not you can reverse heart disease, Ornish’s program has been proven so effective in rewinding years of damage that Medicare and other insurers have started offering coverage for the program under a new “intensive cardiac rehabilitation” category.
The heart disease reversal program itself consists of 18, four-hour sessions that focus on the four key elements and making improvements or complete revamps where necessary to make a positive impact on your individual heart health needs. Though the demands of the program are rigorous, including a willingness to commit to a 100% plant-based diet, 30 minutes of exercise daily, 1 hour of stress management daily and 2, four-hour sessions a week for 9 weeks, the adherence rate is remarkable at 91%. The fact of the matter is patients feel so much better so quickly that sticking to the guidelines quickly becomes a no-brainer.

The Ornish Heart Disease Reversal Program is scientifically proven to:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart-related events
  2. Decrease the frequency and severity of chest discomfort
  3. Lower the likelihood of future surgery
  4. Lessen dependence on medication
  5. Lower cholesterol, improve blood pressure, and bring about weight loss
  6. Increase your capacity for exercise


What People Think

Now that several groups have had a chance to make it through the 9-week program, the first-hand stories are starting to roll in and we are so proud to be part of the remarkable changes happening in these patients’ lives.
“I’ll tell you what it is, it is a total change in the way of living,” one patient said, adding that the program has given him renewed hope for some truly heartwarming dreams. “I want to see my 5-year-old granddaughter graduate from college, now I think there’s hope.”
“It has made a tremendous amount of difference,” another member of the program said, “It takes the whole package, and I would recommend anyone with heart trouble to come here.”
One of the biggest impacts our cohorts are seeing is the way the integrated changes build on each other to completely change the way they feel and relate to their heart health. It’s truly amazing to watch these patients’ lives change before our eyes as they work through the program and come out with brand new, lasting philosophies about their health and wellness on the other side.
How to Use This Information
Committing to reversing your heart disease is a big step, but the Ornish Heart Disease Reversal program makes it an achievable feat. If you or someone you love is suffering from heart disease, contact us about the program today. The steps and lifestyle changes made by going through this program are also excellent for heart disease prevention. Make some changes alongside your loved ones going through the program and see the difference it makes in your own life so you can encourage them to continue with the new habits after the 9 weeks are over. For more information, get the details on the program or call us at 303-74HEART.

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